WMG targets Last.fm next

YouTube is not the only target of Warner Music Group's bottomless stomach for money. Recently, Last.fm -the on-demand music website- has had music taken down by WMG. However, as opposed as what happened in YouTube, the artist's official radio stations are still online, since they work under a dfferet contract, but music from albums by Neil Young, Nickelback, Death Cab for Cutie are right out.

This begs the question: what the hell is Warner doing? They were the first company to sign a deal with YouTube so it's users could use their music freely, and the first to make a deal with an on-demand music site (Last.fm). My guess -and that's only a guess- is they realized how may users these two websites had and their mind went "CHA-CHING!" Now, they're only thinking on how to get their dirty little paws on more dough, making a whole lot of consumers angry. Not a smart move, I'd say.

Info: Warner Music Group pulls music from Last.fm by Eliot Van Buskirk for Wired.com

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