SPEAK OUT!: RKnickerbocker & PlayingGuitarRules

More and more YouTube musicians and Living Room Rock Gods are joining the protest against the evil record labels and companies. This one is a first: a collaboration! Shoved into a "Tribute IS NOT theft" T shirt, RKnickerbocker joins PlayingGuitarRules to pay tribute to a band whos lucky to have fans this faithful: Metallica.

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  1. I believe that this is an excellent blog page. Tribute is what keeps the music of musicians hard work alive. My brother RKnickerbocker has been doing this for as long as I can remember. Everyone of us has a Favorite band and they don't play the songs on the radio forever. Paying tribute is away for them to show their Favorites just how much they are loved and their music is loved. Take KISS for instant, do you think everyone gets to go to the concert and listen to the music which is loved by millions. It is people like my brother and others in many collaborations that makes it possible for us not so fortunate to pay high price ticket cost to get to listen to someone play as good as the real thing. This is just my opinion.

  2. i want to thank you for letting us pass your message along through our cover i am better known as PlayingGuitarRules and this song is exactly that a TRIBUTE..i have adopted this message as a serious one and will help anyway i can...by jammin what i want!!!thanks again tom dolan(PlayingGuitarRules)