PDXguitarlegend - gone

Dave, also known in the internets as PDXguitarlegend got his account suspended on May 8 because of Van Halen and ZZ Top claims by the ever-friendly Warner Brothers. Music Group. That's 1,700 subscribers, and the removal of videos that DID NOT broke any law what so ever, and acted under the "Fair Use" guidelines of the Copyright Act. It's just a matter of time before all our accounts get suspended. Slowly, these measures by the record labels and Google, which are not only wrong, but kinda illegal, are destroying the musician community in YouTube.

Ask yourself: Who makes music popular? Who mantains these record companies, and who are they abusing? With who's money has Edgar Bronfsman Jr. bought his latest golden comb, and Lars Ulrich his latest pair of flashy sunglasses? Who's got the power to make these companies change their ways?

Don't let these companies try to monetize with your freedom as a consumer and your freedom to decide what to play and who to show your skills on a particular instrument.

Tribute is not theft. Stand up against the abuse of Copyright Laws.

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  1. hey it's tseekr379 from youtube... dunno if you remember me, but I can't believe this shit happened!! Your videos will be missed ;)